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“[p]rocrastination… is just sloth in five syllables.” 12 & 12 pg. 67

I usually find that one of the best motivations to change a negative behavior is having to make amends for it often. In my case I am finding that I have to apologize for neglecting my blog. Of late I have been doing some online courses that I thoroughly enjoy, but that’s just an excuse not a reason.

And as painful as it is to say, I have become restless with this format, having to say something cogent about each section of the book, especially when there are more interesting things I want to write on.

So, with no further fanfare, I am detouring from our original course and intend to write about things that are at the front of my mind, especially good things I hear at meetings even when I am not the one saying them. So the next post today will be in that vein.

If you want me to return to the old format please let me know. If you don’t want to comment on the blog feel free to email me at

By the way, I got a year in a couple of days ago. It was humiliating and humbling picking up that chip. But it was apparent that everyone still cared about me and that made it all a lot easier.

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