Mea maxima culpa: how I lost sight of my goal

I just read two replies to comments I posted on and suddenly realized how I had lost sight of my goal of joining Evangelicals and Catholics in harmonious action to defend the Christian faith against the evil of the world.

I started up this blog to further the efforts initiated by Charles Colson and Fr. Richard John Neuhaus delineated in “First Things” in 1994, an article that began my journey to the Catholic faith. I can’t do much about the Evangelicals who see the Catholic Church as the work of the devil. When they are being polite they try to win me back the their faith. And when they are not I am given both barrels of every anti-Catholic misconception in vitriolic and personal fashion. It has been this experience that precipitated my descent into anger and unforgiveness.

But there are a few that take the time and effort to respond to me in a thorough and civil fashion. I have invited a few of them to join me on this blog and I sincerely hope some do. I have become a little discouraged by my inability to draw some of these folks here to have real discussions away from the heat of comment threads.

If you have responded to my invitation, my sincere welcome. Please post comments. Tell me if you think this joint effort can succeed. If the Lord chooses to use this venue to advance the cause then my joy in being in the His service knows no bounds. If not, then I rejoice as well that I am needed elsewhere.


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  1. Anonymous

    Egg on my face: this is CNthruPC from the pope article comments. I apologize profusely, because I did not mean to direct that "get outta here" comment at you, but at that other guy (Magister Militum Praesentalis). My post-chemo brain is getting less and less competent, getting me into hot water bigtime; can't even do something as simple as replying to the intended commenter anymore.

  2. Having been through chemo myself I do not find that surprising. I hope some of the folks on that other site migrate over here. I'm moderating the comments and there won't be that kind of hostility in this venue.

  3. PS I love your handle.

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