Opening thoughts, quirks and admonitions

So here I am again, firing up another blog. It can be said that one only fails when one stops trying. I’m still trying so I guess I’m not yet a failed “bloggist.” My other blogging experiences were frustrating. One was ignored (not uncommon) and the other was well-liked and read regularly. But I never received any comments. If I wanted to record my thoughts in a vacuum I could just have as easily done my writing in Word. But I want and need comments. So I depend on you who read this to contribute something, even if it’s just a brief note of approval/disapproval.

This particular blog grew out of the very pleasant exchanges I had over two years with my two speech therapists. I spent an hour twice a week hooked up to an electrical machine that still allowed me to talk. Very dangerous. Not the machine, of course. The part about allowing me to talk. And talk we did on a wide range of subjects. I know very, very little about many, many things and I am always keen on having an audience on which to demonstrate that. So our topics behaved like a non-linear system (which was, ironically, one of the topics), chaotic yet pleasantly so. We were usually around the areas of religion and spiritual development, science and math, and on rare occasions, politics as long as we agreed (which we did).

I assume that my two friends will be joining me here and hope that at least a few people will join us. Since the blog is private you won’t be able to find it by Googling it. Therefore I will need some word-of-mouth to add to our numbers. If you enjoy participating, invite your friends. Heck, invite your enemies. Sometimes they make some good points.

My friends are beginning a study of the book of John which is something about which I can say a few things . I don’t intend to do a detailed commentary. There are plenty out there to suit whatever hermeneutical inclinations you might have. I intend only to offer my limited understanding of Scripture in the hope that some light might arise both for me and my commentators.

I make no bones about my religious beliefs. I am Roman Catholic, a convert from a bible-believing Evangelical world. So I do know the book pretty well. I have no interest in converting anyone, and I’m willing to air all points of view. I won’t, however, allow this to become a debating society where more heat than light is generated. So feel free to strongly express your opinions. I will respect them, as I hope you will respect mine.

And so, as they say, on with the show. New post to follow soon.



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3 Responses to Opening thoughts, quirks and admonitions

  1. Hilary

    I am so glad that we can continue our discussions here. It is refreshing to have a conversation that forces each participant to reflect upon and interact with past and present beliefs. Thank you for the link. Hilary

  2. verbus_admin

    Glad to see you made it. If it’s just the two of us that would be fine. But the interactions increase exponentially as we add people. I’ll be asking some other people to join in and I hope you can do the same.

    I don’t know if you and Shaylee have started your study of John yet, but I’m interested in you reaction to my first post. It’s one thing to have a face-to-face conversation (high bandwidth). It’s another thing entirely to do it this way. I’m always unsure of my tone and how I am coming across. Since you know my verbal style pretty well I hope you won’t feel shy about giving me feedback about my written style.

    Anyway, this is already my most successful blog. There are an infinitely more people commenting here than my last one. (One divided by zero is technically undefined, but I like to think of it as infinite.)

  3. Steve

    And you will see all my comments and replies from Steve from now on.

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