About Me

Personal History

I was born in Detroit in 1948 and grew up in suburban isolation. When I was fifteen my family moved back into the city where attended Denby High School and Wayne State University. After getting married in 1970, my wife and I moved to the San Francisco Bay area where our two sons were born. After seven years we returned to Detroit.

I worked in the telecomm industry for 38 years before retiring and moving to Arizona where I started a printing business. My current wife and I, along with our six cats, now live in Camp Verde.


I studied anthropology at Wayne State with a concentration in linguistics. The Vietnam war cut that short and I did a brief stint in the Air Force. When I returned, the demands of family life and a full-time job kept me from going back. I later enrolled in the sign language program at Madonna College but did not complete that program. Finally, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management from Lawrence Technological University, summa cum laude. I am planning on entering a Masters program in Information Systems in the near future.

Personal Challenges

During my life I have dealt with alcoholism, drug addiction, coronary artery disease and cancer. I am still standing. I eat through a feeding tube but I find that a minor inconvenience compared to being dead (which I am told takes up all of your time). My voice was also affected by the cancer so I now enjoy inflicting myself on others through the written word.

Spiritual Life

I grew up in a Christian environment, Baptist and Pentecostal, all of which I rejected as soon as I became a know-it-all adolescent. For the next twenty years my life took a long slow spiral down through alcoholism and drug addiction until I  was forced to admit that perhaps my adolescent choices may not have been the best. I returned to my childhood faith and my life became much richer and more joyous. But more and more I found myself increasingly at odds with the Evangelical Protestantism I was involved in and left the church. My Christian faith was intact but I could not seem to find a fellowship that reflected it very well. In time, I was drawn more and more to the Roman Catholic Church and finally made it home on Easter of 2002. Apparently I was a Catholic all along and didn’t know it. I feel that my religious background makes me well equipped to discuss my faith with anyone and that is part of the reason for this blog. That, and my incessant need to fill the spotlight.


My wife and I intend to sell our business and roam the countryside in our RV working as online instructors and work campers. That means I’ll have to get that Masters degree in the process. I would also like to become a fairly successful blogger. I know I have a lot to offer and this seems to be the right kind of venue for it. I spent the last part of my phone career as an instructor and would love to be able to do that but my speech problems make standing up and talking for eight hours somewhat unpractical, hence the online teaching and blogging. Most of all, I want to die in the knowledge that I left the world a little better than I found it. Don’t we all?


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