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Verbus sounds Latin. It isn’t. Have you any idea of how maddeningly difficult it is to find unused domain names, even sub domains of this blog host? I tried “verbum” which is Latin for “word” but it was taken. “Verbum” is a neuter noun so I decided to make it a masculine noun. It was there that I escaped the bounds of grammar and found myself floating in linguistic space. Google it and you will come up with a patented system of fasteners. There is such a thing as a Verbus nut. Guilty as charged. But the word doesn’t really exist in any language so I can define it as I see fit.

Upon further thought, I realized that the phrase “words for everyone” translates as “verba pro omnibus.” So it could be contracted to “ver….bus.” That being a bit pedantic, I have another definition that conveys a better sense of the fun to be had here.

Verbus: noun, a place where anything may be discussed.

Our topics are as inchoate as the site name. Please feel free to start a discussion about literally anything. (I didn’t mean start a discussion about the word “anything.” But actually that would be interesting.) If I have no knowledge of the topic, I will lie to impress you. Or I may even look it up. Whichever is easiest.

This is a free speech zone so feel free. If, however,  your vocabulary is so sparse that you must resort to vulgarity, profanity or blasphemy, then you will probably be too busy looking up obscure words to get much out of the discussion. In that case, I would cordially invite you to find a better use of your time. Like hanging out in a biker bar or an AA meeting (which around here are hard to tell apart). If you are thin skinned and easily offended, then boo-hoo. Critical thinking ain’t for jelly beans.

If the forgoing has given you a better idea of what we’re doing here, then I have failed. Please continue to re-read this page until the words cease to have meeting.

“Let the wild rumpus start.” – Maurice Sendak

In December of 2015 I imported all the content from my two other blogs: friday600.blogspot.com. and bbcatholics.blogspot.com. I will continue to mirror content on friday600. If you would like to follow a Catholic apologetics blog written by a convert from Evangelical Protestantism, see Dave Armstrong’s blog at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/davearmstrong/ .


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